TVIP Mira is a software for broadcasting in IPTV/OTT networks
Transcoding and streaming for IPTV/OTT
Content preparation and distribution scheme
Preparation of streams for broadcasting in IPTV/OTT network
Preparation of adaptive streams for playback on standard Smart TV players, Mobile platforms, Android TV, web browsers.
Supported inputs
  • SPTS Multicast
  • Experimental: Single bitrate HLS
Supported outputs
  • SPTS Multicast
  • Mira TCP
Transcoding features
  • Customizable output stream profiles
  • Input reservation and prioritization
  • Audio track filtering
  • Transferring subtitles from the original stream
  • Transcoding subtitles in WebVTT
System features
  • Support for nVidia GPUs
  • Load balancing between installed GPUs
  • Input stream monitoring
  • Status panel for all inputs and outputs
Depends on the GPU used. Test results for some videocards are provided here.
Results of testing of GPU nVidia with Mira transcoder
The results can be used as a reference, to calculate the real load you can use our free testing service with your streams.
  • In example, it's given the load on the transcoding of streams in HD and SD profiles.
  • SPTS output for each channel contained 3 (HD) and 2 (SD) video tracks and one audio track.
  • SPTS HD streams were used in the testing in case of H264HQ profile: 1080p (5mbit), 720p (3 mbit) 576p (1.5 mbit), SPTS SD streams in case of H264HQ profile: 720p (2 mbit), 576p (1 mbit)
  • Output profiles for testing were selected based on real use
  • The output streams were used by the streamer for conversion to the HLS protocol, bitrate and stability of the output were checked by various players
  • For information on capabilities of graphics accelerators and features, please visit nVidia website here.
Broadcasting streams to the IPTV/OTT network
Storing and broadcasting of adaptive streams
Supported inputs
  • Mira TCP
Supported outputs
  • HLS (MPEGTS и fMP4)
  • TVIP CAS output stream protection: AES-128 and Widevine
  • Storage of streams for Catch-up and Timeshift services (TV archive)
  • Access to preview frames from the archive
  • Compatible with NGINX-based caching servers
Control Panel
Setting up a complete publishing cycle
Configuring all publishing subsystems: transcoding, streaming and caching in one control panel
Supported systems
  • Mira Transcoder
  • Mira Streamer
  • Mira Storage
  • TVIP TMS (synchronization of TMS and broadcast server data)
  • NGINX (configuration creating)
Cloud software
The control panel does not require installation on the customer’s server
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